Earn ₹ 60,000/month by running a Play School from your Apartment

Sprouts is a Playschool/Daycare run by a mother from living room of her apartment, serving neighbourhood children. All you need to start a Sprout is passion and love for children.

What makes Sprouts by Footprints unique

Affordable and Safe

Real-time app updates for parents. Zero transport for Children.

Minimum Pay-out Guarantee

Earn ₹20,000 per month.

Earn ₹60,000/month at home

With just 12 children, you can earn as much as ₹60,000 every month at your home.

Powered by Footprints by IIT-IIM Alumni

Get ready lesson plans, Technology, Online marketing support.

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For Women Entrepreneurs only

You can apply to be a Sprout Owner if you are

  • A mother Passionate about children and living in an apartment complex.
  • Entrepreneurial drive and desire to grow.
  • Comfortable with spoken and written English


How will I manage children from different Age groups?

Our US based High-Scope Curriculum is designed in a way that the activity planner shared with you is created to manage children from multiple age groups together.

Can I choose Start and End time for my Sprout?

Yes, you have flexibility to change the start date and end date of your Sprout along with the individual program timings.

How would I get Admissions?

Sprouts will support by providing collaterals like Images, Pamphlet designs, Flyer designs. But Sprout owner will be primarily responsible for sharing them in the local community.

Do I need to take permission from RWA?

No, there is no need for any permission. In most of the apartments/ societies, people run dance classes, music classes, tuitions without asking permission from RWA. Sprout is also like these activities.

What kind of training will I get as a teacher?

These will be 2 weeks training on curriculum, Technology and Parent Interactions before starting the operations.

Will there be a CCTV installed in my house?

Yes, CCTV will be installed at the children-play area and entrance. You will have controls to switch it off once all children leave your home.

Our Team

Our Qualified Professionals Who are pointing the children towards a brighter future.

Raj Singhal

CEO, B.Tech - IIT-Delhi

Serial Entrepreneur with significant expertise in Technology & Marketing.

Purvesh Sharma

COO, B.Tech- IIT-Delhi

Passionate about Education, CEO of an e-learning company in previous Venture.

Ashish Aggarwal

CO- Founder


Financial Services Background, worked at Citibank Japan.

Amita Bhardwaj

Chief Delivery Officer

Pre-School Industry Veteran with 27+ years of experience.



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